Cultural Translator



日本とデンマーク、世界。人と人。人と人を取り巻く環境とのつながり。教育と民主主義をツールにこれらを思考し、ほぐして広く伝え、協働する実践者。人とそれを取り巻く環境が幸せな地球を目指し、そのためのネットワークづくり、学びと思考と実践の場づくりを行う。2001年より暮らすデンマーク、ロラン島で食を切り口にしたインターナショナル・フォルケホイスコーレLollands Højskoleの開校準備中(2023年1月開校予定)。対話や実験、実践を通じて持続可能で、健康でおいしい食と水の公平な分配、安全供給とよりよい民主主義の世界との共有を進める。2021年11月のデンマーク地方自治選挙でロラン市議会議員に立候補し、日本国籍のまま日本人として海外で初めての参政を目指した。AIDA DESIGN LAB理事。The Foreign Press Association in Denmarkメンバー。国際ソロプチミスト会員。

Living in Lolland, Denmark since October 2001. Born in Chigasaki, and grew up in Chigasaki/Odawara in Kanagawa prefecture.

After moving to Denmark, Tomoko has worked between Japan and Denmark for various themes and topics with various people from elementary school kids to ministers and the Crown Prince such as renewable energy, welfare system, sustainable society, education, democracy, sports and culture, reconstruction and city planning with municipalities and prefectures etc.. Tomoko has been arranging many learning journeys since 2006 between Japan, Denmark and Scandinavian countries.

One of the most important recent projects is to establish Lollands Højskole(International Academy for FOOD) in Lolland, Denmark that opens January 2023 for accelerating not only sustainable and healthy food and water supply but also better democracy in the world through international dialogue, experiments and practices with lots of joy as life-long learning process.
Tomoko ran for election of city council members for Lolland Municipality with Japanese nationality in November 2021. Member of executive board for AIDA DESIGN LAB. Member of The Foreign Press Association in Denmark. Member of Soroptimist International.