Todd Porter(Todd Porter)

Co-founder TEDxTokyo, IMPACT Japan, and FabCafeGlobal


Todd Porter

Japan based ecosystem builder who spends most of my time with edge people and projects with game-changing potential, from Bali (prototyping an ecosystem builders guild) to Bhutan (global Blue Economy summit), Barcelona (Fab Lab Summit & FabCafe Barcelona), Bangkok (the next FabCafe city) and Black Rock City (Burning Man)–and that’s just the “B” cities. Focused on prototyping and scaling local/global platforms and movements, from early days with Ashoka: Innovators for the Public and Public Allies, to creating one of the first two alpha TEDxes, TEDxTokyo, IMPACT Foundation Japan, and FabCafe Global, an open source network of cafes that are lively gateways to the maker revolution and a key connecting place for local and visiting creators. Launching a new interactive platform, Global Speakeasy, and a creative agency, Waterwheel.



City Ecosystem Building: TEDxTokyo, FabCafe, Speakeasy,…


講座開催日:2014年11月24日 (月)

A variety of dynamic local and globally connected platforms and communities are vital for healthy city ecosystems in a rapidly evolving world. From my experience with a wide range of leading models including, TEDx, Startup Weekend, PechaKucha, TED, Burning Man, etc., to incubating new ones such as FabCafe, StudentX, Ecosystem Builders Guild, and Global Speakeasy, there are a number of principles that are useful for individual and organizations thinking about how to best navigate an increasingly complex global environment.