Jovan Rebolledo(ジョバン・レボルド)

Researcher in Frontier A.I. Education at The University of Tokyo
Teaching Fellow, Singularity University
President, Exponential Japan


Jovan Rebolledo

Biography in Japanese
Jovan Rebolledo currently holds a Chair in Frontier A.I. Education at The University of Tokyo, doing research and education in A.I. and exponential technologies, and creator of Exponential Japan. He is also a PhD graduated in adaptive systems and machine learning from Kanazawa University, and was the first person from Japan in participating in any Singularity University program, in the 2009 Global Studies Program (now known as Global Solutions Program). Since then, he has been related with SU in different capabilities such as Faculty in other GSP programs (2014 to 2017), Ambassador for Japan, Organizer of Global Impact Competition and Tokyo Chapter, as well as others. He also has helped directly over fifty startups in their core exponential technology, all thses startups coming from Singularity University. His picture is among the Founders of Singularity University in SU HeadQuarters, and has worked intensively to bring disruptive innovation both ways between Japan and Silicon Valley. Co-founded more than 10 companies, has written international academic journals and patents.