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Mission and vision

Roppongi - soon to be synonymous with the “Cultural Heart of Tokyo”

Mori Arts Center: Mori Tower is both an office block and a place for art. The top levels of the building provide a venue for cultural, artistic and intellectual creativity. The opening of the Mori Arts Center containing the Mori Art Museum, Tokyo City View, Tokyo Sky Deck (rooftop), the Roppongi Hills Club and Academyhills will mark the debut of a cultural complex unparalleled anywhere in the world.
Roppongi Hills was born to become the "world's ultimate destination" where people around the world would visit "the cultural heart of Tokyo" in concept. A place for communication and interaction of real value, an assembly of top performers, and the latest information. A place offering both security and hospitality, stimulation and relaxation, space that accommodates diverse life and work styles with ease. This new cultural heart of Tokyo will be a beacon drawing people from around the globe, a nexus for inter-cultural exchange, and a source for the latest in culture and information.

The Mori Arts Center, on the upper levels of the Mori Tower, is the symbol of Roppongi Hills' aim to become "the cultural heart of Tokyo." An enormous cultural complex unparalleled anywhere else in the world, the Mori Arts Center will contain the Mori Art Museum featuring contemporary art from around the world; Tokyo City View and offering a stunning 360° panorama of the city; and the Roppongi Hills Club and Academyhills, designed specifically for intellectual exchange.

At Academyhills, we aim to concentrate the best people, technology, funding and information from around the globe to provide an ongoing venue for creativity, interaction and communicating the latest innovations to the outside world. As well as operating as a forum for major international symposia and press conferences employing the latest state-of-the-art technology, Academyhills will include a spacious members-only library featuring comprehensive services providing support for members' "knowledge work." The complex also will offer a choice of schools aimed at all urban dwellers, starting with the professional schools founded in 1987 targeted at people on the front line of businesses.

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