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Business functions

Academyhills - holding the key to change.

Academyhills is a brand-new urban entity intended to create new value by providing opportunities for people to meet and stimulate each other's imaginations, bringing together a wide range of knowledge from around the world. Located on the 49th floor of Roppongi Hills and with a panoramic view of Tokyo, this facility provides a venue to launch networking and information-sharing projects suited to the 21st century, through its three functional elements: the School, Forum, Library.


Academyhills school
The school's training sessions reflect a grasp of the business of today and respond to the needs of today's businesspeople. Presentations on the realities of the business world are offered by managers of celebrated projects and by top business management. All of the school's offerings are presented in a style that goes beyond the traditional teacher-student relationship; here instructors and students learn from each other, in lively classes with plenty of time for direct interaction. This structure is ideally suited to interpersonal networking–the key to success in business.


Roppongi Library
For users ranging from organizations to individuals, the Academyhills Roppongi Library is a unique and stylish space, transforming the traditional concept of a library. Here, today's modern independent–minded people–no longer dependent on companies or structured schools–can find the latest information and the most up-to-date documents, as they begin to build their own, personalized networks.


This facility offers a wide range of needed services as a source of the latest information, through events such as international symposia and the launch of new projects. In addition, the facility encourages cooperation with the entire Roppongi Hills community. Since Roppongi Hills, in particular, draws a diverse range of people looking for new products, services, and experiences–not to mention new exchanges with new people–the community itself holds significant potential media value. Event announcements and CI activities are thus more effectively targeted.

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